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Unlimited monthly assignments

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Unlimited monthly assignments

Highest priority

Free Automation Insiders Membership (valued at over $500 per year)


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How It Works

The Automation Builder Program runs like a virtual production line. You give us a task or project (we call them 'Assignments') and we work on it until it's done.


Let us know what you need automated in a few easy steps in our online portal. We'll give you a time estimate as soon as we've checked out your request.


Our team of automation developers build your automation quickly and efficiently. Each of our team are experts in their own area.


We test your shiny new automation thoroughly and get it running live to start saving you time, and money. Easy!

"I was getting overwhelmed with admin tasks, and it was holding back my sales. With Agility Automation, I automated my lead screening process and communication. It has increased sales, and given me more of my own time back. One simple tweak got me over 600 new leads. Amazing."

Grace Capasso
Managing Director - Beat Health Recruitment

More Questions?

We use a smart online system for you to create your assignment requests. You can request as many assignments as you like in a month. 

If your plan is for five assignments, we can work on five of those at once, and likewise for three and one assignment plans.

Your assignments will also be prioritised according to the plan you choose.

Depending on how involved your requests are, some may take one day, and others a whole month. 


There are a huge amount of possibilities! 

Generally it will include automation tasks that can be done using native integrations or tools like Zapier. Here's the list of what is included (and what isn't).

Yes, we offer a discount to select clients for annual subscriptions. Book a time to talk to the team to see if it is an option for your company. Yearly subscriptions are non-refundable.

At the start, you'll pay a joining fee that covers your first three months membership.

After that, you just pay each month in advance, and you can cancel anytime after the initial sign-on period. However, as you pay in advance, no refund is available. We'll do our best to complete any outstanding assignments before your cancellation period is over.

What Can You Automate?

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The Automation Builder program isn't for everyone. So we can provide an amazing level of service, we talk to every prospective member to make sure it's right for your business. 

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