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Automated Martial Arts Instructor Management

Krav Maga Global Australia & New Zealand (KMG)¬†are leaders in self defence tactics for adults, children, police, military, and other government services and came to us looking for an automated…

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Webmerge for Document Automation

Webmerge¬†is a tool we love at Agility Automation. Not only is it a leader in document automation, it comes with excellent support, and regular updates. What It Does It allows…

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New Client Process

Say you have a new client, Ms Jones from ABC Construction. You're going to need to collect some basic information from Ms Jones, get a contract signed, payment information, allocate…

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Form Development

Online forms are an awesome way to supercharge your business automation. You can use them to manage new leads, gather employee details, or even collect money for a farewell gift…

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Web Development

You may have a pretty website, but what does it do? A website needs to do more than just look cool. If you want to build real automation, and generate…

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Workflow & Process Management

Whether you realise it or not, your business has workflows. It could be the process for taking new client queries, onboarding a new employee, or even organising an office birthday…

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Online Signatures

Online signatures are faster. Our clients have told us this again and again. Whether it is a client agreement, or internal HR documents, the ability to sign documents online is…

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Communication Channels

The new buzzword around client communication is 'omnichannel'. This is a fancy way of saying that you should be able to communicate with your customers in their preferred way -…

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