More automation resolutions for 2019.

With the new year ramping up and many of us returning to work, I encouraged you last week to consider how simple automation integrations could greatly impact upon your 2019 results.

Since there’s so much automation is capable of, I’m back with more tips on how to make this year your most productive yet. Whether you’re a sole trader and your team consists of you alone, or you’re managing a team of hundreds, automation can tighten and streamline business function on any scale.


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Prepping for 2019: Identify where automation can make a world of difference.

With Christmas upon us, thoughts about the New Year aren’t far behind. For many of us, we start to consider what it is we’d like to achieve. What do we want to build? What do we want to leave behind? What changes, ideas, and innovations can we implement to give ourselves space for expansive and exciting growth? 

For small business owners, the notion of growth can be both exhilarating - and terrifying. Balancing overhead alongside opportunity is not for the faint of heart. There may be natural areas you can identify that are ripe for attention, but the thought of bringing on another employee to give you the muscle you need is prohibitive.

Before the resolutions kick in in earnest, I’d encourage you to take a step back and look at the year that’s been. What’s worked well for you and your team? Where are your pain points? Are there areas where simple, innovative changes could make a world of difference to your output and success rates?

Take the time...

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21st century work: use automation to strengthen your remote employee workflows.

Remote work isn’t quite the buzz term it used to be. With flexible work conditions becoming more common across all kinds of industries, our ideas of a ‘day at the office’ are changing rapidly, incorporating technological advances and greater desires for work-life integration into new solutions for all kinds of workers.

A 2018 study by Zug found that 70% of professionals around the world are working remotely for at least one day a week, with 53% working remotely for more than half the week. These kind of work arrangements are a far cry from the 9-5 in a crowded cubicle we used to believe was standard - but with such changes in work dynamics, new solutions are needed. When you can’t pop your head in to your colleague’s office with a quick question, there’s got to be a way to replace collaboration in an online environment.

Enter a whole suite of automation tools. There’s a plethora of powerful and intuitive apps that can make teamwork across...

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