Automating Business Show - Episode 1 - Wave with Rob Maurin


On This Episode:

We talk to Rob Maurin from Wave , a free small business accounting package trusted by three million companies across the world, and counting. In a crowded market of accounting apps, Wave stands out a serious contender, even though it is free. We talk about the interesting tech wave is exploring in machine learning and AI to make accounting less of a burden for small business owners.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why it's free - what's the catch?
  • The challenges Wave has faced since inception
  • Internationalisation issues
  • Who Wave is suitable for
  • The importance of integrations and why 2018 is the year of the API
  • How Wave caters to makers with an inbuilt Etsy integration
  • Wave is growing, and recruiting!


Links Mentioned In the Show


Full Transcript:


Rob Maurin, welcome to the Automating Business Show.


Thanks for having me. Great to talk to you.


You're from Wave. Tell us, if somebody landed on Earth today, [00:00:30] how...

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