To Do, Doing, Done: Super Simple Team Management

Whether your team works alongside each other in the same office each day, or they’re flung across every corner of the globe and across every time zone, the need to manage workflows in a way that makes sense and maximises productivity is crucial for every business.


Heck, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, managing your own workload and understanding where to place your priorities can make all the difference between a successful result and a stalled attempt.


There’s a huge range of apps and solutions on the market that try and present a one-size-fits all option, but many of these aren’t scaled to individual user’s needs, or can come with exhorbitant ongoing monthly costs.


Managing your team doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming - it just needs to be executed thoughtfully and automated so that progress takes care of itself.


Last week we introduced you to our new Automation Hacks, which are our...

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Email is linear. And Iā€™m not a big fan.


I’m going to make a bold statement that’ll shock any of you still hanging out in Outlook 2003: email is not the most powerful form of communication, internally or externally.


Wait, what?


For some, it can be hard to fathom going even more than half an hour without checking the inbox and throwing our opinion into the latest inter-office email chain (and let’s face it, there’s always one person who responds three times as much as the quiet guy without adding a whole lot of value). The thought of finding a way to communicate with your employees, your colleagues, or even your customers without relying on The Ol’ Inbox is a foreign and strange idea.


Well, it’s time to get used to it pretty quickly. I've got plenty of compelling reasons as to why it’s time for you to jump on board the non-linear train and revolutionise how effective your communication tools are.


We’re big fans of non-linear communication as...

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Why We Love Video Calls

For many, the 9-5 work day doesn’t look quite the same as it did for generations past. While many of us still face the dreaded commute in and out of the office each day, a growing amount of us are now working in flexible arrangements. Working from home, working in the office part-time, or working from cafes all around the world – the way we work is changing as technology continues to advance, bringing with it many benefits in cost savings and lifestyle changes for employers and employees alike.

However, there are some down sides to face when you’ve got a team working remotely. For many businesses, brainstorming and creative collaboration are crucial in order to achieve maximum output and results. When you’ve got staff members sitting at desks in offices all over the area, and sometimes the world, it takes more intentionality to achieve this same result.

Video call apps let your remote team members connect in a real time, personal setting.CLICK TO TWEET


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