Build and strengthen routines with automation

There’s a little bit of irony in the fact that we’ve never had more information at our fingertips at any other point in history - and at the same time, we’ve never had to work as hard to stay focused as a result of that access. You’d think the smartphones we lug around with us would make us… well… smarter. Unfortunately, with great things comes great responsibility, and it’s all too often we squander our time scrolling through a feed, rather than building our own contribution.

So. Time to take stock. Take a step back and look at how you’re using these tools at your fingertips. How can you use them for better and not for worse?

Personally, I’m a big fan of the power of routine. The incremental elements we build into each of our days that allow us to function at our best, enter deep productivity, create work we’re proud of, and end the day satisfied with our output.

Routine can also help to fend off constant distraction,...

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