Automation Hack: Build an Intercom Chatbot

The great benefit chatbots bring to customer messaging? They’re never going to get snarky, no matter if they’ve had their morning coffee or not.


I kid, but it’s true: one of the great key benefits chatbots bring with them is consistency. 


Any part of your outbound customer communication that’s drawing from the same pool of information, whether it’s a quoting system or an FAQ, can be built into a chatbot’s automated answers. The time that used to be spent by you or a team member in dealing with these incoming enquiries can instead be reallocated into something that truly needs manual, human input, giving you back the gift of time while your chatbot communicates on your behalf.


This Automation Hack draws on the power of Intercom and automated chatbot messaging to provide a one-stop-shop for giving incoming leads the perfect service and assistance, every time. 


Innovative chatbots in the wild look like:


  • ...
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