SMS is awesome.

Existing technology and forms of communication can play an important role in your overall communication strategy. I’m encouraging you to keep using something - just in a kinda different way.

SMS is still the most widely used messaging platform and is a native form of communication for a huge range of consumers. Your clients and customers already have their phone by their side 24/7, so it’s a powerful way to reach them in a space they’re already active. 

There are a number of ways to harness the strengths of SMS communication and put it to work for your business in an intuitive way. Whether it’s an initial point of communication, ongoing messaging, friendly reminders, or bot messaging, SMS is fully customisable, easy to set up, and can be a less intrusive form of marketing messaging than communication alternatives.

Better yet, SMS messaging is cheap and simple to use. We’re big fans of Twilio, which gives you the functionality you need to...

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