Apps I Love: AgileCRM

If you’ve been following along this automation journey for more than about a minute, you’ll already be familiar with the acronym CRM: Customer Resource Management.

Being familiar with the terminology is one thing. CRMs sound great in theory - an easy way to manage customers. Simple, right?

In reality, the process of finding a CRM that works for you can be a long and winding road. 

There’s considerations such as setup and monthly costs, integration abilities, app capacities and more - finding the CRM that’s best for your needs is not as straightforward as just signing up for the first one you land on. All too often, teams can bounce from CRM to CRM, leading to piling costs, sunken time and missed opportunities. Choosing the right CRM for you is an integral part of setting yourself - and your team - up for ongoing success and a harmonious customer management experience. 

One of the elements I find most appealing about AgileCRM is its simplicity....

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To Do, Doing, Done: Super Simple Team Management

Whether your team works alongside each other in the same office each day, or they’re flung across every corner of the globe and across every time zone, the need to manage workflows in a way that makes sense and maximises productivity is crucial for every business.


Heck, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, managing your own workload and understanding where to place your priorities can make all the difference between a successful result and a stalled attempt.


There’s a huge range of apps and solutions on the market that try and present a one-size-fits all option, but many of these aren’t scaled to individual user’s needs, or can come with exhorbitant ongoing monthly costs.


Managing your team doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming - it just needs to be executed thoughtfully and automated so that progress takes care of itself.


Last week we introduced you to our new Automation Hacks, which are our...

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Declutter your desk with digitisation

Some people have the gift of organisation. Their beds are made each morning. Their belongings are put away where they should be. Their desks are pristine, not a paper out of place.

And then there’s the hoarders, the multitaskers, the I’ll-get-to-it type. Their office desks look a little different. Generally, there’s some towering piles of files yet to be put away, perhaps some receipts that need to be handed over to accounts, a contract to be signed, a proposal for review. Except… none of these things have stayed in the place they were meant to. Instead, it’s just a big pile of stuff, getting in the way of the real work.

The first kinds of people are rare. The rest of us - we’re somewhere more along the spectrum. However, we don’t need to give in to the easy discomfort of a messy, chaotic workspace just because we’re not Marie Kondo. We, too, could live that dreamy life of the organised, with everything in its place, and...

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