The ABCs of sales and marketing automation (Part Two).

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Once you’ve found a great CRM you can trust wholeheartedly with your customer’s data, and you’ve considered what can be integrated to drive data input in and out of that CRM, it’s time to ramp up to the next level of what automation can offer to your business - marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a dream come true - when it’s approached with the same kind of understanding and consideration that any other kind of marketing would be treated with. Automation isn’t a one-size-fits-all for your business solutions. If you don’t have an effective understanding of your customer base, existing and potential, or you’re unsure how to communicate the value of your product or service, automating your systems isn’t going to solve these issues.

However, when you DO know why it is you do what you do, and how it will be of...

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The ABCs of sales and marketing automation (a primer).

There’s really no business activity automation can’t improve.

As an automation expert, there’s nothing more satisfying for me than the change people experience when automation’s working hand-in-hand with their daily efforts, bringing about results that are greater than the sum of its parts.

Automation’s about working smarter, not harder, and when it comes to combining your sales and marketing efforts with automated approaches, this is where it can truly excel.

Sales = the action of selling something. Automation = the technique of making a process or system operate automatically.

Sales automation = the automatic operation of sales.

It’s an attractive proposition.

There’s another equation that should be coming pretty apparent right about now… sales automation = the potential to increase profits without adding any additional manual work.

True sales and marketing automation applies simple logic to the overall sales process that’s...

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Make yourself heard.

Even with the plethora of digital communication tools available to us, I remain a big believer in the power of voice. There’s nothing quite as personal as voice communication when it comes to creating an authentic communication experience for your customers or clients. Plus, for some, it’s perceived as the fastest way to get the answers you need in the moment you need them. Voice communication can protect the time of both your team and your customers when implemented strategically.

If you’re looking to integrate voice communication into your strategy, automation’s got a plethora of powerful options. Automation can give you the tools you need to leverage voice communication on a 24/7 basis.

Here are my recommendations when it comes to kick-starting your automated voice connection…

  • Check out Voxer - I’m a big fan of this app. Remember those walkie talkies you used to play with as a kid? Voxer’s your modern-day solution. Voxer lets you...
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