Automation Hack: Automated Prospect Screening System

It’s Monday morning. A new lead lands in your inbox. They’ve arrived there through an enquiry form, Facebook chatbot, ad lead or referral. Your heart leaps… fresh business is just around the corner!


Sound familiar? If it does, then you’ll also be familiar with the sinking feeling that comes when those leads turn into clients from hell. Figuring out who’s going to bring with them a wonderful working experience, as opposed to which leads will turn into clients that make you grit your teeth in frustration long before your morning coffee, is the kind of superhero power we can only dream or. 


Or is it?


We know that not every incoming lead makes for an ideal customer. The longer you spend in your field, cultivating your brand and your business, the easier it becomes to identify what’s a ‘fit’, and the red flags that move from a lead from exciting through to… well, not the kind of client you’ll enjoy...

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