Apps I Love: AgileCRM

If you’ve been following along this automation journey for more than about a minute, you’ll already be familiar with the acronym CRM: Customer Resource Management.

Being familiar with the terminology is one thing. CRMs sound great in theory - an easy way to manage customers. Simple, right?

In reality, the process of finding a CRM that works for you can be a long and winding road. 

There’s considerations such as setup and monthly costs, integration abilities, app capacities and more - finding the CRM that’s best for your needs is not as straightforward as just signing up for the first one you land on. All too often, teams can bounce from CRM to CRM, leading to piling costs, sunken time and missed opportunities. Choosing the right CRM for you is an integral part of setting yourself - and your team - up for ongoing success and a harmonious customer management experience. 

One of the elements I find most appealing about AgileCRM is its simplicity....

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Show distractions the door. Focus on what matters.

We’re suckers for productivity clickbait. Articles proclaiming productivity hacks, workflow techniques,and five-step-programs whet our curiosity time and time again. With the same 24 hours in the day as the next guy, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that there’s a ‘secret’ you may be missing out on when it comes to squeezing the most juice out of each day’s opportunities.

Well, yeah, kind of.

As a business owner, prioritising the most important tasks of each day is fundamental to continued growth. I’m a big believer in the power of uninterrupted work. Instead of letting my inbox dictate my schedule, I map my time and capacity each week in a way that allows for deep and meaningful work to be achieved.

And yet, I do so in a way that means the world’s not waiting for me to resurface.

I use practical automation tools on a daily basis to keep business running without my input. Clients can schedule meetings, employees know...

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Marketing Automation for Small Business

Owning and maintaining an effective small business comes with many challenges. Small business owners are faced with the non-stop juggle of workload, staffing, cashflow, market conditions and competitor pressures. Although being a small business owner can be highly rewarding, finding creative solutions to the balancing act of these areas, and more, is paramount to success.

Automation offers small businesses many benefits, including the ability to alleviate manual workloads and ensure teams can remain focused on the core outputs required to achieve success. As any business owner knows, consistently delivering powerful marketing messages to your target markets is a critical element of engaging existing clients and introducing yourself to new prospects.

Marketing automation creates the power to streamline customer communications, achieved through replacing repetitive manual tasks with automated workflows. For example, instead of manually sending a potential lead follow-up messages a...

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