Automation Hack: Build an Intercom Chatbot

The great benefit chatbots bring to customer messaging? They’re never going to get snarky, no matter if they’ve had their morning coffee or not.


I kid, but it’s true: one of the great key benefits chatbots bring with them is consistency. 


Any part of your outbound customer communication that’s drawing from the same pool of information, whether it’s a quoting system or an FAQ, can be built into a chatbot’s automated answers. The time that used to be spent by you or a team member in dealing with these incoming enquiries can instead be reallocated into something that truly needs manual, human input, giving you back the gift of time while your chatbot communicates on your behalf.


This Automation Hack draws on the power of Intercom and automated chatbot messaging to provide a one-stop-shop for giving incoming leads the perfect service and assistance, every time. 


Innovative chatbots in the wild look like:


  • ...
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Social Media Automation Tools

Being where your customers are is common-sense business logic.


With the rise of social media platforms over the past decade, there’s now more ways than ever to truly be amongst your customers’ stomping grounds. Instead of shouting at them from a billboard, ads for your product or service can sit next to family photos and updates in a Facebook or Instagram field. Not only can your brand find a new pool of customers based on demographics, interests, niches and all kinds of particulars, but a carefully curated social media presence can become a building block for a long-term relationship.


Understanding a strong social media presence is important - that’s the easy part. Keeping up with the hungry machines? That’s something else altogether.


As usual, where there’s a will, there’s an automation way. Here’s a few easy ways you can increase your social media activity without directly increasing your time investment.



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Add a chatbot to your team.

You’ve probably come across a chatbot before - perhaps far more often than you’ve realised. This relatively new form of communication has begun to flood apps and the online space with a flurry of activity. After all, when it comes to 24/7 customer-facing conversation, robots have the upper hand - no rest required.

Chatbots are one of those tools that can either be GREAT, or can feel unnatural and clunky. The key to using chatbots effectively is to place yourself in your customer’s shoes. How can you communicate your brand’s personality through this point of interaction? What value does a chatbot offer in making your business accessible and engaging?

It’s also important to respect your customers’ intelligence. There’s nothing worse than a friendly chatbot trying to pass as a human, when it’s obviously pre-programmed to be prompted by keyword. Embracing the technology for what it is, including its strengths and limitations, will protect...

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Communication Is Changing

How many ways have you communicated with a fellow human today?


You’ve probably sent a few text messages. Maybe jumped onto that Facebook chat group that blew up overnight and sent off a quick response. You’ve most likely sent an email, answered a phone call, or perhaps even engaged in that most old-fashioned of communication methods: face-to-face conversation.


The way we communicate  has exploded as technology continues to make its way into every corner of our rituals, habits and processes. No longer do we wait for the mail to bring important news, or send telegrams to loved ones far away. As quickly as interpersonal communication has morphed into an ever-present, always-available, multiple-options-at-your-fingertips web, so too has the potential for businesses to engage with their customers in new, intuitive and innovative ways.


And yet, surprisingly - far too many businesses communicate with their customers the same way today as they did a...

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