Old-School VOIP Alternatives- How Your Team Can Benefit From New Voice Call App Technology

Many advances in the online world can be defined by a desire to replace analog systems with instantaneous and improved solutions. Physical mail = email. Filing cabinets overflowing with documents = cloud-based storage optimised for sharing across multiple users. Old-school telephone calls = VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions.  VOIP alternatives were absent for a long time.

When VOIP was first introduced, it was a revolution. Removing the need for copper-and-wires telephone systems, VOIP allowed for phone calls to be placed and received to and from any number via handsets and numbers connected to the internet. This offered businesses and individuals a cost savings opportunity, as VOIP service providers offered lower rates than standard traditional call rates. This was particularly attractive to companies who relied on consistent and affordable phone calls as an integral part of their business model.

However, as time has progressed, telephone services have continued to...

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Marketing Automation for Small Business

Owning and maintaining an effective small business comes with many challenges. Small business owners are faced with the non-stop juggle of workload, staffing, cashflow, market conditions and competitor pressures. Although being a small business owner can be highly rewarding, finding creative solutions to the balancing act of these areas, and more, is paramount to success.

Automation offers small businesses many benefits, including the ability to alleviate manual workloads and ensure teams can remain focused on the core outputs required to achieve success. As any business owner knows, consistently delivering powerful marketing messages to your target markets is a critical element of engaging existing clients and introducing yourself to new prospects.

Marketing automation creates the power to streamline customer communications, achieved through replacing repetitive manual tasks with automated workflows. For example, instead of manually sending a potential lead follow-up messages a...

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