To Do, Doing, Done: Super Simple Team Management

Whether your team works alongside each other in the same office each day, or they’re flung across every corner of the globe and across every time zone, the need to manage workflows in a way that makes sense and maximises productivity is crucial for every business.


Heck, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, managing your own workload and understanding where to place your priorities can make all the difference between a successful result and a stalled attempt.


There’s a huge range of apps and solutions on the market that try and present a one-size-fits all option, but many of these aren’t scaled to individual user’s needs, or can come with exhorbitant ongoing monthly costs.


Managing your team doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming - it just needs to be executed thoughtfully and automated so that progress takes care of itself.


Last week we introduced you to our new Automation Hacks, which are our most-requested, cutting-edge solutions for teams looking to grow, and fast. Just say the word and we can turn these Hacks around in 7 days.


This Hack gets back to basics: making sure you’ve got complete visibility across how your team’s time and resources are allocated. The Super Simple Team Management Automation Hack gives you all of the benefits of an easy and intuitive management solution and is easily scalable across teams of all sizes.


How is this achieved?


Enter Trello.

Our team will create a Trello template for you that’s customised with the columns that make sense for your workflow stages - commonly, To Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’ work wonders. Whenever you need to assign a new task to someone within your team, it’s as simple as adding a Trello card. Trello cards bring customisations such as descriptions, checklists, images, videos and due dates, and can be shuffled between columns in a way that reflect real-time status updates and progress.

The automation kicks in another notch when Trello is partnered with Slack through Zapier - every time you add a new task to one of your team’s boards, our Automation Hack will see that team member receive a Slack message alerting them to its presence. And every time they move it into Doing or Done, you get a message in return. You won’t even need to open Trello to have insight across your team’s productivity and areas of focus.

Trello brings a whole suite of functionality along with it, such as the ability to work with teams of all sizes, task-oriented discussion and comments, sync across mobile and desktop, and search and filtering tools that give you access to what you need in an instant. It’s capable of complex project management, but is just as simple to use as a ‘buy milk’ reminder on your iPhone.

Skip out on the analog to-do lists, regular admin meetings and convoluted email chains and bring your team together through Trello’s simple management system.  The less time you have to spend managing, the more time you can spend actually doing.


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