Email is linear. And Iā€™m not a big fan.


I’m going to make a bold statement that’ll shock any of you still hanging out in Outlook 2003: email is not the most powerful form of communication, internally or externally.


Wait, what?


For some, it can be hard to fathom going even more than half an hour without checking the inbox and throwing our opinion into the latest inter-office email chain (and let’s face it, there’s always one person who responds three times as much as the quiet guy without adding a whole lot of value). The thought of finding a way to communicate with your employees, your colleagues, or even your customers without relying on The Ol’ Inbox is a foreign and strange idea.


Well, it’s time to get used to it pretty quickly. I've got plenty of compelling reasons as to why it’s time for you to jump on board the non-linear train and revolutionise how effective your communication tools are.


We’re big fans of non-linear communication as a much more robust alternative. Non-linear communication offers a much broader world of opportunity for communication to happen in ways that are intuitive, interconnected, and unrestricted by strict parameters.


Email is a form of linear communication. It ends up in bulky threads that send us scrolling to find a crucial document or note, frustrating inbox searches for subject or sender, and a barrage of constant messages that have us scrambling for the ‘reply’ button.


What do we use instead?


It’s called Slack, and it’s life-changing.


Slack goes above and beyond when it comes to kicking email’s ass out the door.


This little communication app is deceivingly simple, easy to use, and intuitive in its set-up and interface. However, Slack offers a world of communication tools, including the ability to directly integrate through automation with other systems, send reminders to you about important messages, conduct group messages which can easily be searched through hash tags, and ultimately reduce email passive-aggressiveness. (No, Carol. Nobody should ever use ‘lol’ in email form. Ever.)


Slack’s as versatile as you want it to be, and as expansive or as simple as your communication needs dictate. Set up different channels for different projects. Have a private one-on-one conversation with a colleague without moving to a different app. Use its robust search function to quickly locate a conversation from weeks ago.


Better yet, Slack loves to talk to a host of other powerful apps. Its automation integration abilities are world-class, so if, for example, you’d like Google Drive to give you a friendly heads up about newly added files via their integration right there in your Slack window, all of your wildest dreams can come true. Bam.


Keen to send your inbox tumbling through the digital desert like the tumbleweed it is? Welcome aboard. Slackbot says hello.


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