Apps I love: Airtable

Not every app is created equal. Some are more showy than others - the flashy icons, screaming landing page, the promise of how it’ll Change Your Life Forever.

Others are quiet workhorses. They’ve got a purpose, and they get on with the job.

Then, there’s the under-promise, over-deliver kind of team players. Airtable, I’m looking at you.

Airtable is a powerful, friendly and intuitive cloud collaboration service that offers a huge range of abilities through its spreadsheet-slash-database design. It’s as simple to use as your average Excel spreadsheet, but gives you the in-depth power of a database, taking your organisational abilities to a much deeper level.

I use Airtable to collaborate with my team across geographical locations and time zones. By creating and populating robust and dynamic databases, the information we need to pick up tools each day is always readily available. Airtable removes unnecessary follow-up, administrative questions and elusive hunts for threads of information. Because it’s so customisable, it gives my team exactly what they need to work most effectively.

Airtable’s features include…

  • Native mobile and desktop apps. Sync information seamlessly and in real time across collaborating teams.
  • Unique field types designed for anything. Airtable’s field types mean their spreadsheets can be truly customised to suit any need. Throw in attachments, link records between tables, multiple select fields, checkboxes, dates, URLs - each field can be customised to suit your specific needs and keep your information in check.
  • Adaptable views. It takes a special kind of human to fall in love with extensive spreadsheets, and Airtable’s filtering, sorting and grouping mechanisms gives you the ability to look at your work from another angle. Set up customised views such as Calendar views, Gallery views or Kanban views, and your data will sort itself into a format that’s most digestible for your needs.
  • App integration.You know I’m going to be excited about this one. No app is an island, and Airtable keeps you nimble by integrating directly with tools you’re already using. Its API is designed to connect immediately with hundreds of existing apps, or to give you the option to access your content programmatically. Apps like Instagram, MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Mail, LinkedIn, Evernote - all of these and more can easily integrate directly into your Airtable databases for even stronger automated workflows.

Airtable may not even set you back a single dollar. Its pricing tiers offer a free monthly solution with unlimited bases and up to 1200 records per base, so there’s no price barrier to jumping in and testing the waters.

No matter the scope of your business, Airtable’s data management has the ability to powerfully impact your workflow. Data management is crucial to peace of mind and productivity. Plus, a world without multiple, outdated versions of spreadsheets circulating over email? It’s almost too good to be true.


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