Automation Hack: Build an Intercom Chatbot

The great benefit chatbots bring to customer messaging? They’re never going to get snarky, no matter if they’ve had their morning coffee or not.


I kid, but it’s true: one of the great key benefits chatbots bring with them is consistency. 


Any part of your outbound customer communication that’s drawing from the same pool of information, whether it’s a quoting system or an FAQ, can be built into a chatbot’s automated answers. The time that used to be spent by you or a team member in dealing with these incoming enquiries can instead be reallocated into something that truly needs manual, human input, giving you back the gift of time while your chatbot communicates on your behalf.


This Automation Hack draws on the power of Intercom and automated chatbot messaging to provide a one-stop-shop for giving incoming leads the perfect service and assistance, every time. 


Innovative chatbots in the wild look like:


  • ...
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Automation Hack: Automated Hiring Process

f you’ve ever been a part of hunting for just the right candidate for the position within your team, you’ll be familiar with how tedious it can be to work your way through the hiring process. 


It’s common to be bombarded with CVs, boring cut-and-paste cover letters, hours of reference checks to work through - finding the right person for the job is a whole task in and of itself. HR Technologist states that hiring processes can take an average of 23 days, with over half of HR managers spending more than three hours a day caught up in administrative duties, not in truly evaluating the candidate pool for the best fits. 


I know what you’re thinking. Automated hiring? Really? How can an automation provide me with quality candidates? 


By cutting through the rigmarole and getting you closer to the part of the process that truly matters.


This Automation Hack: Automated Hiring Process can do just that and more, bringing your...

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Automation Hack: Automated Prospect Screening System

It’s Monday morning. A new lead lands in your inbox. They’ve arrived there through an enquiry form, Facebook chatbot, ad lead or referral. Your heart leaps… fresh business is just around the corner!


Sound familiar? If it does, then you’ll also be familiar with the sinking feeling that comes when those leads turn into clients from hell. Figuring out who’s going to bring with them a wonderful working experience, as opposed to which leads will turn into clients that make you grit your teeth in frustration long before your morning coffee, is the kind of superhero power we can only dream or. 


Or is it?


We know that not every incoming lead makes for an ideal customer. The longer you spend in your field, cultivating your brand and your business, the easier it becomes to identify what’s a ‘fit’, and the red flags that move from a lead from exciting through to… well, not the kind of client you’ll enjoy...

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Automation Hack: Extract Data From Emails

Previously, we took a look at some key automation habits to integrate into your workflows, which had the potential to offer hours of time back to you (and your team) on a weekly basis. 

Now, we kick it up yet another notch with our latest Automation Hack and its magic wizardry. With some nifty automation setups and a clear understanding of what constitutes valuable customer data to your business, this Automation Hack brings the ability to extract key data from incoming emails and send it directly to your system of choice. 

This is a powerful tool that can be customised to the needs of any workflow or management system, and is shaped around identifying specific data points that act as automation triggers. 

If your incoming emails bring with them a multitude of crucial leads, automating the process of moving that data into your CRM, or alternative system, is a powerful way to reduce the risk of failing to engage. Let’s say you’re currently set up to capture...

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Automation Hack - Machine Learning to Identify Your Ideal Customers

Close your eyes, and imagine you're in a crowd of thousands of people. Five of those people have $1000 for you. The rest have nothing.

Your job is to find those five people among the thousands. 

Where do you even start?

It's not so different when you're finding your ideal leads. 

You put out a lead magnet, and get a bunch of signups. Cool. What's next?

The conventional wisdom is that you do a drip campaign and get that lead signed up.

Sure, drip campaigns work - but what if you could identify ideal leads the moment they sign up to your newsletter, or download your ebook?

Enter Machine Learning.

In truth, machines don't really learn. They just know what you tell them. But, there is some really smart tech available that builds knowledge in the background. It's easier than ever to apply that to real-world, revenue generating scenarios. 

My friend Ari Meisel came up with a way of using machine learning to look at your current 'best' customers, and find what...

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Automation Superpower - Zapier Webhooks

webhooks zapier Apr 05, 2019

Do you have a dream superpower?

Mine is teleportation. Just imagine it - being able to do a quick jump to Paris for a coffee, or to visit friends and family in far away places. I can't think of a more useful power to have. Maybe super-strength, or immortality. Or flight. So many options.

Ok, that's getting off topic now.... 

Today, I'm here to tell you about an automation superpower.  It's possible for all of us to use it, and it's ready for you to harness right now- Webhooks 

We all know that I'm a fan of Zapier. Before Zapier came along, integrating different platforms was expensive, and technically out of reach for most people. 

Now, with the thousands of possible integrations on Zapier, you can have simple business automations up and running in a matter of minutes. 

The thing is, not every app is on Zapier. And even when the apps you use are on Zapier, they may not have all of the functions you need.

Here's an example. Say you...

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Founder Interview: Amit Kothari from Tallyfy

founder interview Mar 18, 2019

Tallyfy helps you make "blueprints for repeatable work". 

In this founder interview, we talk to Tallyfy CEO Amit Kothari about the evolution of process oriented thinking, and how this platform was born.

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Mic drop: Hands-Free Podcast Production Process

Who would have guessed it would take one true-crime podcast and a dedicated fanbase to break podcasts from the world of niche into mainstream culture?

There’s no denying that ever since Serial S1 burst onto the scene in 2014, podcasts have experienced an ever-growing wave of appreciation and consumption. Major brands from every industry are venturing into the podcast network space, looking to engage with customers across new mediums in a way to bolster brand connection and authentic relationship.

Podcasts are a great way to communicate to your audience and grow it in scale. Relatively cheap to produce and without gatekeepers holding audiences at bay, no matter your niche or industry, there’s a space for your voice in the mix.

Now… about the podcast production process.

Bringing a podcast to life is one of those things that seems ‘so easy’ - until you kick into gear. Organising guests, checking the quality of your audio, turning raw audio into a quality...

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Put your content to work with the Automation Hack: The Content Recirculation Machine.

‘Sure, two blog posts a week, a podcast episode and a LinkedIn update won’t take too long.’


Even the optimists among us can come up against an unwelcome wake-up call when tasked with keeping a hungry social media machine fed. There’s no doubt about it - organic content is a powerful way to build ongoing brand recognition, increase familiarity with your customers and clients, and position yourself as a leading and authoritative voice within your industry. But while we may have the best of intentions when it comes to contributing to online conversations and engaging authentically, keeping up with a demanding and consistent content schedule is no small task.


When exploring how automation can make the most impact on any business, large or small, the logic we’re always looking for is this: how can we work smarter, not harder? It’s right there in the name of Ari Meisel’s Less Doing, who’s all about guiding entrepreneurs to...

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Automation Hack: Custom Airtable Base Build

For those of you who’ve been swept up in the awards buzz this week, I’d like to bring another contender to your attention: enter Airtable, arguably one of the best apps of 2019. And 2018. Who’s counting?

Airtable’s the kind of flexible platform that can scale up and down to suit a huge variety of customisation needs. Part spreadsheet, part database, Airtable keeps your data accessible and secure in the cloud, with the additional benefits of fully customised views designed for ease of use. This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about Airtable - check out more of its offerings and capabilities here.

One of the reasons Airtable works so well across teams is its user-friendly interface options. With multiple customisable views, Airtable can be set up to sort by data fields in a way that’s intuitive even to the most spreadsheet-adverse among us. It’s also a powerful way to centralise interconnecting data sets - with the ability to link...

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