SMS is awesome.

Existing technology and forms of communication can play an important role in your overall communication strategy. I’m encouraging you to keep using something - just in a kinda different way.

SMS is still the most widely used messaging platform and is a native form of communication for a huge range of consumers. Your clients and customers already have their phone by their side 24/7, so it’s a powerful way to reach them in a space they’re already active. 

There are a number of ways to harness the strengths of SMS communication and put it to work for your business in an intuitive way. Whether it’s an initial point of communication, ongoing messaging, friendly reminders, or bot messaging, SMS is fully customisable, easy to set up, and can be a less intrusive form of marketing messaging than communication alternatives.

Better yet, SMS messaging is cheap and simple to use. We’re big fans of Twilio, which gives you the functionality you need to...

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Email is linear. And I’m not a big fan.


I’m going to make a bold statement that’ll shock any of you still hanging out in Outlook 2003: email is not the most powerful form of communication, internally or externally.


Wait, what?


For some, it can be hard to fathom going even more than half an hour without checking the inbox and throwing our opinion into the latest inter-office email chain (and let’s face it, there’s always one person who responds three times as much as the quiet guy without adding a whole lot of value). The thought of finding a way to communicate with your employees, your colleagues, or even your customers without relying on The Ol’ Inbox is a foreign and strange idea.


Well, it’s time to get used to it pretty quickly. I've got plenty of compelling reasons as to why it’s time for you to jump on board the non-linear train and revolutionise how effective your communication tools are.


We’re big fans of non-linear communication as...

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Communication Is Changing

How many ways have you communicated with a fellow human today?


You’ve probably sent a few text messages. Maybe jumped onto that Facebook chat group that blew up overnight and sent off a quick response. You’ve most likely sent an email, answered a phone call, or perhaps even engaged in that most old-fashioned of communication methods: face-to-face conversation.


The way we communicate  has exploded as technology continues to make its way into every corner of our rituals, habits and processes. No longer do we wait for the mail to bring important news, or send telegrams to loved ones far away. As quickly as interpersonal communication has morphed into an ever-present, always-available, multiple-options-at-your-fingertips web, so too has the potential for businesses to engage with their customers in new, intuitive and innovative ways.


And yet, surprisingly - far too many businesses communicate with their customers the same way today as they did a...

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Episode 3- Process Street with Vinay Patankar


We’re joined by Vinay from Process Street, a SaaS product that helps teams work better in less time with peace of mind. Process Street can be described in simple terms as a checklist that’s used over and over again, but has much deeper capabilities through its ability to shape automated workflows on a customized level. Its integration abilities positions it as a strong contender for companies who are working across various apps to manage their data, customers, workflow and output. Vinay discusses how Process Street was birthed, how it’s continued to grow, and how they serve businesses at every end of the spectrum.

On This Episode:


  • How Process Street is a checklist app with plenty of power under the hood
  • Process Street’s CRM and app integration capabilities
  • How Process Street brings powerful workflow capabilities to the humble checklist
  • Vinay’s origin story as an Australian app builder – how he turned his company into his first...
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automation ifttt zapier Jun 23, 2018

If you’ve spent any time on our website, you may have already come across our breakdown of Zapier, an integration platform that offers users the power to set up ‘Zaps’ and automate tasks that involve two or more applications by setting them up to communicate with each other.

A ‘Zap’ is an action that’s defined by the parameters or events of your choice, allowing you to link an event (ie. receiving an email from a client) up with an action (ie. automatically forwarding that client email directly into your CRM platform to be added to their record, all without any input from you). Zapier’s a powerful player on the market, offering customisable automation abilities through the ability to connect actions across more than 500 web and mobile applications.

However, there’s another market player in this space that’s worth paying attention to: IFTTT. Where Zapier is a strong provider of business automation, IFTTT focuses...

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Episode 4- Sprintlaw with Alex Solo

alex solo legal sprint law Jun 19, 2018

We sit down with Alex Solo from Sprintlaw, who’s on a mission to automate, de-mystify and simplify basic legal services for small businesses and startups, removing cost barriers that can keep this demographic from accessing the legal services they require. He shares his vision for the changes he hopes to make in his industry and the tech tools he uses to get there, as well as how automation has allowed him to streamline new approaches within a highly traditional industry.


In this episode we cover:


  • How Alex made the choice to move into law over pursuing a career as a musician
  • Why Alex describe his team as ‘lawyers for business, powered by tech’
  • How he identified a gap in the market of underserved startups and small businesses
  • The difference between Sprint Law’s approach and that of traditional lawyers
  • How technology works in the background as a tool for their lawyers, not as a replacement, keeping customer experience at the forefront
  • How...
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Ari Meisel, Less Doing



On this episode, we talked to Ari Meisel – the founder of Less Doing.

Ari is the creator of the Optomize, Automate, Outsource (OAO) methodology – helping people gain back invaluable time in their personal and professional lives.

In this episode we cover:

  • A mutual love of Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defense system)
  • Ari’s first project as a 20-year-old in Upstate New York, creating a loft district and learning trades communally – landing him in $3m of debt by age 23
  • How a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease led to self-tracking and experimentation, leading to the birth of Less Doing
  • How Less Doing teaches people to optimize, automate and outsource everything in their lives in order to be more effective
  • Why Ari isn’t a goal setter
  • Ari’s Ted Talk pitch: make yourself as replaceable as possible
  • How being a control freak is just another form of procrastination
  • Getting to the heart of why somebody’s trying to get to a solution
  • The...
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Why We Love Video Calls

For many, the 9-5 work day doesn’t look quite the same as it did for generations past. While many of us still face the dreaded commute in and out of the office each day, a growing amount of us are now working in flexible arrangements. Working from home, working in the office part-time, or working from cafes all around the world – the way we work is changing as technology continues to advance, bringing with it many benefits in cost savings and lifestyle changes for employers and employees alike.

However, there are some down sides to face when you’ve got a team working remotely. For many businesses, brainstorming and creative collaboration are crucial in order to achieve maximum output and results. When you’ve got staff members sitting at desks in offices all over the area, and sometimes the world, it takes more intentionality to achieve this same result.

Video call apps let your remote team members connect in a real time, personal setting.CLICK TO TWEET


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Carrying Out an Automation Audit

Sometimes, automation gets the short end of the stick. When misinterpreted, people speak of automation with fear – as something negative that will play a part in disrupting economies through the reduction of jobs available for a human workforce. However, this is a short-sighted approach to automation. In fact, when automation is used well, it’s far less about replacing people, and much more about empowering them – removing repetitive manual tasks and allowing them to focus on their core role and on their clients with a refined understanding of their strengths and abilities.

When automation is embraced in a workplace or business, it can significantly increase productivity and profitability.CLICK TO TWEET

Automation can be implemented on scales large and small, but every layer of automation that’s added in a way that complements your business will bring with it marked changes and improvements in the way your team operates.

Beginning to understand how...

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Justifying the Cost of Automation

Runningg a business is expensive. Rent, equipment, monthly overheads, marketing, retirement plans, even staff birthdays… the costs truly do add up. In a world where many are walking fine lines between profit and cost bases on a monthly base, it can be difficult to say yes to new costs, even those that stand to add monumentally to your business and actually, could increase your profit whilst lowering your overheads. It sounds crazy when you look at it from a long-term perspective, but the irony of automation for many small business owners is that they feel they can’t afford to invest into the development of it – when in reality, they can’t afford not to.

Automation is rarely free. On top of regular subscriptions to automated services, such as CRMs, it can also be expensive to develop and implement in the first place. These costs can put astute business owners off, as they mentally juggle an unknown outcome with a very real upfront investment. Implicated in...

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